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Avatar: The Last Airbender Brand Boards - The Fire Nation *

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Marie and I are mature adults, we swear

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anonymous: kya or bumi

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Wounded Kya in Lin's arms, in #5 or #6.



Am I the only one who wants to see this on next episode? *c*

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"hold me now, ‘til the fear is leaving, i am barely breathing" - mulder & scully fanmix (here)

  1. somebody to die for – hurts;
  2. everything falls – fee;
  3. end of all time – stars of track and field;
  4. if i lose myself – onerepublic;
  5. bleeding out – imagine dragons;
  6. right…
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i wonder what characters people would ship me with

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It’s hilarious that non-Americans on Tumblr are all like “OMG DENNY’S TUMBLR MAKES ME WISH I LIVED IN AMERICA SO I COULD EAT THERE,” while us Americans will literally only eat at Dennys if it’s 3 in the morning and we’ve lost control of our life.

You don’t go to Denny’s. You end up at Denny’s.

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Favourite Celebrity Meme: Dame Helen Mirren (Ilyena Lydia Vasilievna Mironoff) 

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